Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Talent abounds at Rosecottage.....

Today I would like to introduce you to my future brother and sister in law over at Rosecottage. 
Rose and Mike are one hell of a talented couple. A builder by trade Mike can turn his hand to absolutely anything. He has not long finished refurbishing a Morris Minor which we will be featuring in our wedding in the coming weeks but also has a 1979 Ford fiesta, vintage Massey Ferguson tractor and land rover jeep under his belt.
Last summer he set out and made a tear drop caravan which is what I want to show you today. He built this beauty from scratch all on his own. Like seriously how cute is she!

These guys have the craftiness sewn up I tell you. They have a beautiful home, a poly tunnel packed to the rafters with their homegrown fruit and veg, chickens wandering freely and there is even discussions about adding a little piggy to the mix.

Mike's creative space is something out of this world. We could actually set up home in the garage. But back to the Tear Drop. Completely customizable, the camper is small enough to fall under the small trailer category with most ferry companies.  We can't wait to get back and see her in the flesh, and have already put in an order for one ourselves.
Isn't that the cutest kitchen you have ever seen. There is no excuse for not getting out and about in this. You'd be the talk of the town. They also have an old school canvas tent to go along side her when they take it out camping.
If your interested in getting more information on the campers, please feel free to drop him an email
So while Mike is working on his projects Rose spends her time baking and has recently started attending markets and fair's selling her wares.
These beauties attended the Duagh Summer Festival this weekend and sold like hotcakes. You can see why right!!
Aside from baked goods Rose has a range of old school jam's and chutney's from her mam and grandmothers recipes and is working on a range of hampers too.
We wish them both the very best of luck for their future ventures and hope you guys like what's on offer. You can follow and get in touch with Rosecottage here should you want any information on the Tear Drop or the Hampers.
Happy Hump Day!! Roll on the weekend..
 Michelle xxx

Monday, 27 July 2015

Wedding Preparations continue....

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a two whole boards dedicated to wedding images. In the beginning when we where making plans we weren't sure what way we where doing to go with it so I have a 1920's wedding inspiration board and a general wedding board.
One thing that's was important for us for the day was to have our nieces and nephews involved with little jobs. I really liked those little "here comes the bride'' signs and it would get a least three of the kids involved so I set out to make some.
I found these in the Dollarama Store for $1.25. Aren't they perfect for the job. I removed the chain and sprayed those puppies with some blackboard paint.
Now my hand writing is not by any stretch of the imagination good enough to free hand for this sort of project nor do I have one of those fancy machines, so I printed the words I wanted to use out on paper and covered the back of the word in pencil. It was a little trick I learned years ago { I have since seen this been done in chalk which probably makes more sense but that was after the fact}

Once the back was completely covered I put it in position on the board and using a pencil traced around the letters to leave a print on the  board. Which I then followed with a chalk marker, and filled in the spaces. I sanded down the whole lot and went over the writing again. I done the tracing/sanding cycle three times just to distress them up a bit.

For the handles I double plated hemp twine long enough to go over the kids heads and sit at about chest level. This was a total gestimate so I hope it pans out ;-)
The plan is that two of J's nephews will carry the "Uncle Justy" and "Here Comes" signs and my nephew will carry the "Aunty Shelly" one.

What do you think? For a non crafty person I think I did pretty well. I have a few more wedding projects to share so make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram , Twitter and Bloglovin for updates.
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Hope you are all having a great week.
 Michelle xxx

Friday, 24 July 2015

Dun Dun Dun...Balcony Reveal

Way way back last year I shared with you some pictures of balcony inspiration that I hoped to use on our own space this summer. We'll we finally got our act together and started putting some things together. 

Here she is in all her move in glory. Your standard boring rental balcony. Obviously I cant paint anything so the next option is obviously hiding the evidence. I won a voucher for Home Depot from Katie Nathey of Upcycled Treasures and decided to use that on some bamboo screening to cover the railings. We used cable ties to attach it to the railings and cut it down to railing height.  Our balcony is connected to our neighbors so for a bit of privacy there and from the building across the road we decided to leave some at the 6ft height in that particular corner. 
 We hung a couple of window boxes on the railings for some greenery, but my black thumb has reared it's ugly head and all the planting I did died. My future planting options will be cactus plants I fear. Surely I'll manage to keep those going....
Here's the boy doing what he does best!

This is our eating space. I shared with you the spool makeover earlier this week, you can read about it here and the high chairs I had from a breakfast island in our previous rental. They where cream and a yucky green color so, they got a bit of sprucing with some pretty blue paint but that was before I had this little blog so I'm afraid I don't have pictures of them before.
On the other side we have a nice little relaxation space with two Adirondack chairs we got on sale in Canadian Tire. J had fun putting those bad boys together. I was busing sewing lavender onto our wedding invitations but helped by ordering in pizza. That's a good compromise right?!
As you can see we hung the original spool for the table out here for the time being. I think she looks better hanging up there if I'm honest. We are thinking we will make it into a clock at some stage and are on the look out for some nice clock fixtures.

I love coming home to this space after a day stuck in the window less office space. It is a whole host of tranquil. You can see to the right of the picture where we kept the screen high for some privacy. We'd love to know what you think, I can send himself over if your balcony needs a revamp, Let me know ;-)

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Have a great weekend!
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Balcony Project...

If you follow us on Instagram you'll know we have been having a great time hanging out on our balcony this summer, so much so I never got around to sharing a couple of projects we completed for it but better late then never right....
J has access to some great scraps at work so when he told me he had a spool put away I knew exactly where we could use it. Some Balcony furniture of course...


 He used an old pallet to make up a frame and cut the two rounds off the spool. When we put it all together the spool proportion wasn't right but Mr. Clever clogs had another larger spool top also stored so he brought that one home to complete the job.
For now the original spool is being used as décor on the balcony but we intend to make it into a clock at some stage.
You likey?? I love it. it even has the old tags still in place which we intend to leave on. Stop by tomorrow for the full balcony reveal.
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Have a great week!
 Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Happy 6th Anniversary

We had a BBQ a couple weeks back to celebrate J being in Canada 6 years. I'm so thankful he took a leap of faith back then and made the move. Our paths where destined to cross here in Toronto. Little did he know when he left Ireland all those moons ago what was ahead of him, and here we are on the count down to our wedding..... 58 days to go!
Unfortunately for us the BBQ fell on day 6 of our clean 9 detox so what's a bride to be to do... Well I arranged the menu around ourselves obviously {not the best hosting policy I grant you} but there was plenty of tasty food to go around and myself and J just had our quota with a bit of dessert to boot. 


In all the craziness I forgot to take pictures of the food so I'm just sharing the dessert with you today. A fruit salad with free fruit from the recommended list and some cinnamon crisps.

I used strawberries, grapes, blueberries, kiwi and water melon. To make the watermelon bowl I sliced a piece from the bottom to make it stable and then opened the top and scooped out the flesh. There are so many other fancy options to do with carving water melon {check out some of the youtude videos} it just never occurred to me at the time :-)

Mix all the fruit together in a separate bowl before placing in the melon bowl. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

For the cinnamon crisps I used Toufayan Wraps. They are gluten free and only 110 calories a wrap.

Heat the over to 350f.  Mix a half cup of sugar with 2tbsps of cinnamon and place on a shallow plate. Lightly spray a wrap with gluten free baking spay and place on the cinnamon sugar mix. Turing to coat each side. Repeat for each wrap then cut into pizza like slices.

Place on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on these as they can go from crisp to burnt in 2.0 seconds :-)

Remove from oven an allow to cool. Store in an air tight container until ready to serve. 

The dip is some natural yogurt with a squeeze of lime juice to taste.

This is so easy to prepare and very light after a meat loaded meal. If you need some more 600 calorie meal inspiration I came across these to beauties.

BBQ Shredded Chicken
Barbacoa Beef

I planning on trying the shredded chicken one this week. I will keep you all posted

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Have a great week!
Michelle xxx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Detox Completed...

Well we did it!! 9 days done and dusted. We are so glad we took on this detox and reset ourselves. We did not undertake it to loose weight, we literally needed to do something that would kick are butts back in gear. We had been doing really well last summer but what with one thing and another our exercise habits dwindled. We continued to eat relatively healthy but our major down fall was evenings and weekends, four days of being relatively good would be completely wiped out by the time the weekend was through. Now we know we are capable of making a change we are determined to keep it going.

As far as I'm concerned the process has rejuvenated me, I feel so much better. I've more energy, I've no bloating, my hair and skin is in better condition. I didn't find myself hungry at all and I didn't mind the aloe shot either. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipe trails for meals with less than 600 calories. I shared some of the meal inspiration here and some smoothie inspiration here. I made a chorizo and calamari salad one of the days and it was amazing. We totally stepped out of our fish box on that one!! I'll be sharing it later this week.  

If your interested in giving the detox or any of the wellness products a go.
stop by the Forever Living Gluten Free Facebook page , It's dedicated to the gluten free products available in the range.  For International shopping and shipping visit our website, simply select the country your in and you can shop to your hearts content.
Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.
Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July to you all. Have a safe weekend everyone!
  Michelle xxx